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We will be writing about animal physiotherapy and canine rehabilitation as these effective techniques need to be known better. We will also give information about different types of dog braces and supports like BALTO dog braces which can be used with great success and really make a difference in our pets lives.

What Is Laser Therapy?
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What is Veterinary Laser Therapy? Veterinary Laser Therapy is the use of a laser light to deliver specific red and near-infrared wavelengths to parts of the body in order to induce … Read More

Veterinary Animal Physiotherapy
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What is Animal Physiotherapy? Animal Physiotherapy is the art of using different therapeutic modalities in combination with massage, stretching and therapeutic exercise in order to help the body regain function … Read More

The Physiotherapy Candidate
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The geriatric/arthritic patient The geriatric patient is a unique rehabilitation candidate mainly because the wear and tear of their body are not the only things to be managed. Improving cognitive function … Read More

A Dog Brace Used In Veterinary Rehabilitation
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Jackson’s Story Jackson is a lovely 4 year old cross poodle. He has been abandoned with a very bad hip dislocation. He had 2 surgeries but was still not able … Read More

Veterinary Therapy Laser comparison in 9 points
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Here are the 10 Key points you need to be able to compare Veterinary Therapy Lasers (also called Cold Lasers) and get the most out of your investment. Understanding the differences between therapy … Read More

Study Animal Rehab-Physio Course
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Study Animal Rehab-Physio Course in Australia Qualifications opened to animal care professionals in Australia mainly come from courses available in the USA where it has been around for over 20 years and is … Read More