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Shipping and Handling

Before our products are shipped each item is carefully inspected and packaged so that it arrives to you in perfect condition. Damage occurring en route is highly unlikely however should this occur please contact us by email (please attach photos of damaged package and item) to report the fault within 2 days of receiving the item/s.

Return Policy

Dear customer, please find below our return policy. This policy is accessible from the lower section of any page of our website.

Given the nature of the products sold in our store we do not accept any return.

The reasons are:

– Sense of smell:

Due to their extremely sensitive sense of smell (between 10,000 and 100,000 times as acute as humans), dogs may feel uncomfortable wearing a brace that already have another dog’s smell on it.

– Hygiene:

We want to avoid possible skin diseases cross-contamination from a dog to another. (ring worm, fleas, lice, mite, staphylocosis bacteria, malassezia yeast being the most commun)

In addition, straps and fabric around the body to hold the brace can be in contact or close to some body parts such as anus, penis and vaginal area (wee, secretions, poo stain, smells)

– Rubbing:

When the dog is moving around, lying down, sitting then the brace is in contact with the ground. The brace loses its new condition from rubbing against the ground and accumulating dust.


Content of this website

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