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BT PULL can be used for neurological disorders that cause severe proprioceptive deficits, which mean that the dog is unable to sense the position of the limb on the ground, thus tending to stand on the back of its paw (dorsiflexion).This sock prevents dog knuckling.

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Balto BT PULL- A brace to prevent dog knuckling toes. It has been designed for dog with neurological disorders that cause severe proprioceptive deficits

Dog knuckling means that the dog is unable to sense the position of the limb on the ground, thus tending to stand on the back of its paw (dorsiflexion). BT PULL is also used in cases of damage to the sciatic nerve (for example as a result of a fracture of the pelvis or femur), in order to ensure that the neurological problem does not lead to orthopaedic damage due to shortening of the flexor tendons of the foot.



The brace can be used to: prevent incorrect application of weight on the limb; ensure correct, continuous stimulation of the proprioceptive nerves, also when walking; provide constant stretching of the toes and thus of the flexor tendons of the toes, thereby ensuring that they do not shorten.



  • Breathable fabric.
  • Excellent wearability.
  • Hand washable.
  • The package contains a reinforcement made of thick material for use in cases of severe hyperflexion of the phalanges, ensuring that they open more completely, also in the case of big dog. The reinforcement can be removed if not needed.



Available in four adjustable sizes (the sizes are purely indicative – those indicated may not
be applicable to some breeds).
Before placing your purchase order, please contact us to make sure you have the right size for your dog.



Size Weight
XS 5-10kg / 11-22lb
S 10-20kg / 22-44lb
M 20-40kg / 44-88lb
L Over 40kg / 88lb








  • During the period of restraint, it is advisable not to leave the dog alone for too long, because it might try to remove the brace, by biting or scratching it.
  • The knot at the top of the brace can be untied so that the elastic fascia can be adjusted to increase or decrease its tension, thus adjusting the opening of the dog’s phalanges.

As your pet has the potential to damage the brace or injured themselves, we recommend supervision of your dog at all time when wearing the brace.



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