Balto – Dog Carpal Brace – BT JOINT


Balto – Dog Carpal Brace – BT JOINT is used for conditions involving lesions to the carpus, leading to pain, lameness, or difficulty in moving.

Before proceeding with your purchase, make sure you have taken the Right measurement of the brace, as indicated in the section below. If in doubt, please contact us.


Balto – Dog Carpal Brace – BT JOINT


Balto – Dog Carpal Brace – BT JOINT is used for conditions involving lesions to the carpus, leading to pain, lameness, or difficulty in moving.

The dog carpal brace provides great protection for bandages and plasters when treating surgical wounds (arthrodesis) or licking sores.
It also gives great results in pre-operative care: acute or chronic arthritis (osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis and similar conditions) and injuries to the ligaments are no longer a problem.

The brace can also be used without splints for conditions such as arthritis and arthrosis. This is because the compression it provides increases the blood pressure in the area, thus raising the temperature and reducing the pain caused by the conditions.



BT-JOINT carpal brace will ensure maximum stability of the injured area, with a consequent reduction in swelling. BT-Joint promotes improved balance between the muscle groups in the carpal area, thus facilitating motor functions and also promoting healing.



  • The brace can be used in pre- and in post-surgery.
  • Breathable fabric.
  • Excellent wearability.
  • Hand washable.





Size Brace Height Brace Length When Opened (Circumference of the wrist) Approx Dog Weight
XS 7cm / 2.76in 6cm / 2.36in 4-8 kg / 9-17lb
S 8cm / 3.15in 7.5cm / 2.95in 8-25kg / 17-55lb
M 12cm / 4.72in 10.5cm / 4.13in 25-50kg / 55-110lb
L 13cm / 5.12in 11.5cm / 4.53in 50-60kg / 110-132lb
XL 16cm / 6.3in 13.5cm / 5.32in Over 60kg / 132lb



The Circumference of the wrist (“Brace Length When Opened”) is the most important measurement to choose the size.

Please note that the “Brace Length When Opened” must cover 60% to 90% of the leg circumference as the brace does not need to cover the total circumference of the leg and it is better to avoid overlap.



If the wrist of your dog measures 5in and your dog weighs 140lb, you will need an “L” size as “XL” would overlap because the brace would be too large for your dog.









  • During the period of restraint, it is advisable not to leave the dog alone for too long, because it might try to remove the brace, by biting or scratching it.
  • Always remove the rigid splints before washing.

As your pet has the potential to damage the brace or injure themselves, we recommend the supervision of your dog at all times when wearing the brace.





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2 reviews for Balto – Dog Carpal Brace – BT JOINT

  1. Donna Howard

    The Carpal brace has helped my dogs recovery , it took a couple of days for her to adjust to it at first , now it doesn’t bother her . I truly recommend it.
    Money well spent 🐾🐾🐕

  2. Ashleigh

    It’s Amazing! My dog Marvin can actually keep a nice pace on our walk now and is so much happier. No more leg shakes!. Thank you so much
    nullMarvin Running with dog carpal brace BALTO

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